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Thursday, September 23, 2004
It's a Felony, Kenneth
Topic: Election / Voting
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Charles Johnson, editor of the premier warblog Little Green Footballs, has issued a call to action on Rathergate. LGF currently receives 100,000 to 200,000 visits a day. If I were Dan Rather, I'd be scared -- scared as an innocent armadillo being hunted by a pack of sadistic Republican rednecks on a too-hot Texas afternoon, as Dan might say. Here's part of the sample letter for your congressional rep or senator:
I believe that somewhere in this great nation there is someone who is guilty of perpetrating a crime, a crime against the American people. They are guilty of the crime of election fraud, guilty of attempting to influence the upcoming presidential election through deceit and misrepresentation. Such an attempt is abhorrent and must not be tolerated.

As I write this, CBS is asserting that the content of the memos has been vindicated by virtue of some 30 year old opinions, carefully selected opinions at that. They are defending forgeries with selected opinions!

I am writing to you to request that you support a Justice Department inquiry into this event. I want to know who it was that made the attempt to influence my vote by providing fraudulent documents to CBS. I want to know how and why CBS broadcast this fraudulent message to millions of American voters without sufficient safeguards to ensure the veracity of the story. Such actions by the media cannot be simply rationalized away.

A crime has been committed. Right now, CBS is abetting that crime. Media source confidentiality does not apply when the source provides blatantly false information in the commission of a crime.

We cannot, we must not, allow an attempt such as this, to subvert our electoral system, to go uninvestigated and unpunished. Turning a blind eye will only encourage more outrageous acts in the future. I expect you, as my representative, to pursue this travesty to its rightful conclusion.
The entry includes legislator contact links or, as always, you're welcome to use the Ten Minute Lobbyist's Basic Contact Links.

Posted by Tim at 11:28 AM EDT
Friday, September 17, 2004
Vote Early
Topic: Election / Voting
[Important Notice: The Political Devotions Weblog has moved to]

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An alert from President Bush:
The election is less than seven weeks away and our momentum is building.  As I travel the country, the crowds are big and the mood is upbeat.  There is real excitement for our agenda, and I know that this enthusiasm will mean a tremendous turnout.

On Election Day, you may be one of many who will be working the polls, driving voters to their polling locations, or making Get Out the Vote calls.  Our message must be: No matter what you're doing, be sure to vote.  The stakes are high.

Starting today, you can request your ballot by mail, and soon you can cast an early ballot at early vote locations in your area.  If you're going to be busy on November 2nd, I encourage you to take this opportunity and vote early.  There's even a special page on our campaign website to make the process easier.

Using this link, you can get your Absentee/By Mail ballot request or find a list of early voting locations near you.  By casting your vote early, you can avoid lines at the polls on Election Day and still be sure your voice is heard in this important election.

This election is critical for our nation. 

The choice is between winning the war on terror by defending the homeland, taking the battle to the terrorists and fighting them where they live and train - or retreating to a pre-9/11 worldview that treats acts of terrorism as a law enforcement issue.

The choice is between a practical approach that puts doctors and patients in control of health care decisions or a government-run system that would cost more than $1.5 trillion and put bureaucrats in charge.

The choice is between an economic agenda that recognizes America's economy is growing, but can do more, or an agenda that raises taxes, increases regulations and stifles our economic recovery.

Your vote is important to winning and to building a safer world and a more hopeful America.  I hope you will take the opportunity to vote early - either by mail or in person.

Posted by Tim at 1:50 PM EDT
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Tell CBS to Come Clean
Topic: Election / Voting
[Important Notice: The Political Devotions Weblog has moved to]

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The Media Research Center has a demand for the Rathergate network:
ALEXANDRIA, Va. --- Media Research Center President
Brent Bozell today challenged CBS News to apologize to the American people for its false and misleading reporting on President Bush's National Guard service, as well as to come clean with the public and expose the people who forged documents that falsely cast Bush in a negative light.

     "Until CBS atones for its complicity in this character assassination attempt of President Bush, the letters `CBS' will stand for `Can't Believe Squat.' With every Watergate-like denial, the integrity of CBS News continues to crumble," Bozell said.

Evidence Against CBS News Has Continued To Mount

  • As first reported, and NBC,
    Washington Post, Fox News Channel and others have repeated, independent experts say CBS's "memos" appear to have been produced by a modern word processor, not a 1970s typewriter.

  • Both CNN and the Washington Times have quoted other independent experts who declared that the signatures on the documents could well be forgeries.

  • The Los Angeles Times found Major General Bobby Hodges - who CBS claimed to be its key source - who revealed he had never seen the documents, had only had them read to him, and upon seeing them declared they were fakes.

  • Both Jerry Killian's widow and son have stated publicly he would not have written these memos. CBS refused to put Killian's son on the air after interviewing him, and also refused to interview others whom Killian recommended because they were "Bush supporters."

  • The CBS News story did not disclose that one of its key sources, former Texas Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes, is a major fundraiser for the Kerry campaign and that he has raised the campaign $500,000. Nor did the accusations that Barnes is not telling the truth - coming from his own daughter, no less! - ever see the light of day on CBS.

  • The Dallas Morning News reported over the weekend that the commander who supposedly was blamed for pressuring a subordinate to "sugar coat" Bush's record had retired 18 months before he was said to have applied such pressure.

     "The CBS story is a hoax and a fraud, and a cheap and sloppy one at that.. It boggles the mind that Dan Rather and CBS continue to defend it. Dan Rather and CBS need to be reminded that the cover-up is always worse than the crime. Just ask Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton," Bozell said.

If you would like to demand an apology and full disclosure from CBS, the National Legal and Policy Center has comprehensive contact information.

Posted by Tim at 3:30 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 3:32 PM EDT
Friday, September 3, 2004
Send an 'I Vote Values' Message
Topic: Election / Voting

[Important Notice: The Political Devotions Weblog has moved to]

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CitizenLink has set up a powerful CapWiz form you can use to send a brief but important message:
Election Day is fast approaching -- and as those running for office seek to secure your votes, there's an important message you can send them.

This year, I'm voting my values.

Don't underestimate the importance of this simple statement: Candidates need to know that when they look to line up your support, you're going to be looking past the slick advertisements and election-year promises and focusing instead on how their values line up with yours. And that's going to be the criteria on which you cast your ballot.

We've made it easy for you to send this message, loud and clear, to a whole host of people who need to hear it: your congressman and senators, your governor, your state elected officials -- and Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe, the chairmen of the Republican and Democratic National Committees.

We've even composed the simple message for you to send: "I'm voting this year, and I'm voting my values." (If you'd like to change that message and compose your own, just delete what we've written and write type out your own thoughts.)

To send this message -- which will take no more than a few keystrokes -- visit the CitizenLink Action Center at the link below.

Posted by Tim at 2:28 PM EDT
Thursday, September 2, 2004
A Call to Obedience - for Clergy
Topic: Election / Voting

[Important Notice: The Political Devotions Weblog has moved to]

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An important alert from Focus on the Family's CitizenLink, concerning the push to encourage pastors to preach on participation in the upcoming election:
Clergy Urged to Preach on Voting Values

Focus on the Family and Prison Fellowship are asking pastors to set aside Sundays in September and October to preach about the importance of taking part in November's election.
Focus on the Family has earmarked Sept. 12 as iVoteValues Sunday, encouraging preachers across the country to urge their congregations to register to vote and to vote their values at the ballot box.

And Focus isn't the only pro-family group stressing the importance of voting to churchgoers: Prison Fellowship has launched what it's calling the National Preaching Initiative.

"Christians can't be content to be the silent majority any longer," explained Peter Brandt, senior director of government and public policy at Focus on the Family. "Statistics have shown, in election after election, that believers have stayed home in alarmingly high numbers and that's got to stop if we are to have even a sliver of hope of returning righteousness to government.

"We have a civic and spiritual duty not only to vote, but to be careful to spend those votes on the candidates whose values most closely align with our own."

In that light, Brandt said, it is crucial for pastors and church leaders to educate their congregations about the values that matter to God.

"Some pastors have avoided addressing these topics from the pulpit because they don't think it's appropriate, while others worry that it might cost them their nonprofit status," he said. "Our goal is to show them that civic responsibility is an appropriate topic for a Sunday morning and to assure them that it's perfectly OK to talk about it."

To help pastors to prepare for iVoteValues Sunday, Focus' Web site offers sermon outlines and a detailed explanation of what topics can be addressed in church without running afoul of the law. Visitors to the site can also request a Voter Impact Toolkit, which contains promotional posters for churches, a stand-up easel with voter registration forms and a voter resource guide and a letter from Dr. James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family.

Prison Fellowship is also offering sermon outlines for pastors who take part in the National Preaching Initiative -- a project that urges clergy to dedicate four Sundays in September and October to preaching on marriage, sexual intimacy, God's natural order and our role as citizens.

Michael Snyder, senior vice president of Prison Fellowship and head of the Christian worldview group the Wilberforce Forum, said it is time that the church and Christians got back to the basics.
"The church as a whole no longer understands even the very basics about Gods design for living and in terms of God's design," he explained. "We have four simple elements that apply to everyone, whether you're a believer or not."

The message of the sample sermons is, first, that the church needs to understand what marriage really is and that the counterfeits that exist today do not amount to marriage. Second, that sexual intimacy is only meant to be expressed in the safety and bonds of marriage. Third, that through sexual intimacy in marriage comes children and therefore a family. And finally, that family is the institution that God created to raise healthy, productive citizens for the benefit of society as a whole.

The importance of that message, Snyder said, cannot be overemphasized.

"Frankly, the church has just as much sexual sin as the rest of society and it is very sad because in effect, it paralyzes the body of Christ from wanting to engage (in the battle for our culture,)" he said. "In essence we want the church to take the log out of its own eye before we start trying to correct the very bad vision of those who have an agenda on the other side."

In addition to the four sample sermons, the National Preaching Initiative Web site offers information about the Federal Marriage Amendment, research materials and articles from Prison Fellowship founder Chuck Colson's "Breakpoint Commentary."
The alert lists links to each of the sites it mentions. If you believe your pastor would consider preaching on civic involvement during the runup to this the most crucial of American presidential elections, be sure to e-mail him the link to this alert.

Posted by Tim at 1:54 PM EDT
Friday, August 13, 2004
"Kerry on Iraq" - Pass it On
Topic: Election / Voting
[Important Notice: The site has been redesigned and moved to The Political Devotions weblog will still be updated and archived, but for the most up-to-date version of site, please visit and bookmark]

(What are "political devotions"? Click here.)

The Republican National Committee has been doing a little documentary film making. They are out of contention for the Oscar, though, since their film is not leftist, and comprises actual facts.

Here's the alert from
Watch and Forward the Kerry Iraq Documentary

John Kerry's inconsistencies and contradictions on the central front in the War on Terror are the focus of a new 12-minute documentary -- and the Senator's own words completely refute the notion that he is a strong and decisive leader.

After you watch the video, email the link to the video to your family, your friends (even if they are Democrats) and encourage them to watch the documentary and send it to their lists. Lets make THIS the most watched documentary of 2004.
Visit to view and forward the video.

Posted by Tim at 2:57 PM EDT
Friday, July 30, 2004
What You Can Do
Topic: Election / Voting
(What are "political devotions"? Click here.)

Been wondering what you can do to keep Dubya in the White House and avert the disaster of a Kerry-Edwards administration? Check out the Republican National Committee's is an online toolbox for Republican activists.

It is personalized and local.

GOPTeamLeader gives you the power to quickly voice your opinions and influence your Representatives.

Once you become a Leader, you can use to:

  • Learn about and help fellow Republicans running for office in your state, as well as on a federal level;

  • Track and research local and federal issues and bills of interest to you;

  • Write your local and federal representatives, while accessing official RNC talking points from;

  • Collect GOPoints by completing Action Items and redeem them for collateral of your choice, ranging from leather PDA covers to folding chairs.

  • Encourage participation in the political process by building your own Team of activists who you can share information with.
Okay, the GOPoints thing is a little corny. Sort of reminds me of the old "Win this bike by selling our seeds!" pitches I used to get in the mail as a kid. Nevertheless, this is a nice networking strategy. And since, like a good Political Devotions devotee, you are already lobbying your elected officials, why not earn a cool tote bag while you're saving Western civilization?

Posted by Tim at 2:00 PM EDT
Tuesday, July 6, 2004
Kerry's Abortion Hypocrisy
Topic: Election / Voting
(What are "political devotions"? Click here.)

In today's Washington Update, the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins makes an excellent point:
Sen. John Kerry has selected a vice presidential running mate whose Senate record mirrors his own. Both John Kerry and John Edwards have a zero percent rating from FRC, and a 100 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America, and both men have a history of opposing judicial nominees simply because of their deeply held religious beliefs. As recently as this weekend, Sen. Kerry stated that his personal belief that life begins at conception should not keep him from serving as President because it does not influence his public policy record. However, both he and Sen. Edwards have repeatedly refused to extend that same courtesy - the presumption that one's religious beliefs shouldn't disqualify him from public service - to countless judicial nominees who happen to be pro-life. Today the U.S. Senate will hold a vote on judicial nominee Leon Holmes. Mr. Holmes has been attacked by Kerry and Edwards' Democratic colleagues not because of a spotty judicial record, but rather simply because he holds private, Christian beliefs. If Sen. Kerry is such a defender of the ability to harbor private beliefs without allowing them to impact public decisions, he should call off his colleagues who are bashing Mr. Holmes as if he is unable to do the same. If Catholic beliefs do not disqualify John Kerry from being a U.S. President, those same beliefs shouldn't disqualify Mr. Holmes from becoming a federal judge.

Additional Resources:

Confirmation of Arkansas Judge
The update links to a CapWiz-type form you can use to lobby your senators in support of Mr. Holmes.

Posted by Tim at 7:53 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, July 6, 2004 8:02 PM EDT
Sunday, June 20, 2004
The "I Vote Values" Campaign
Topic: Election / Voting
(What are "political devotions"? Click here.)

Three cheers to the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission for development of "I Vote Values," a voter awareness and voter registration effort aimed at mobilizing those infamous 4 million conservative Christians who failed to vote in the 2000 presidential election.

The site is replete with resources for pastors and churches, and includes legal guidelines on how churches may engage in civic involvement without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status. It's likely most church leaders are unaware of how broad a range of activities and speech is permitted.

From the 2000 election crisis, the Democrat party's strategists learned that they could, in theory, use lawyers and judicial fiat to muscle the electoral system in the same way they have strong-armed the legislative process, wielding judges who create law rather than interpret it. John Kerry has legal teams poised to litigate election results in every state, should they fail to cut his way. Imagine the turmoil should the Democrats choose to do in a dozen states what they did in Florida in 2000. Wide margins of victory for President Bush are the sole prevention for such a debacle. Four million conservative Christian votes would certainly help to provide that cushion.

Update: In today's Wall Street Journal, John Fund has more on the looming election crisis:
Mr. Gore's decision to contest the Florida election in 2000 until the bitter end may have permanently changed the way close elections are decided, in much the same way that judicial nomination battles have changed. If the election is close this November, endless lawsuits and recriminations could poison of [sic]public opinion and create a climate of illegitimacy around any final winner. Voters are used to having the final word in an election. Let's take steps to keep it that way, so we can minimize the use of scorched-earth tactics of trial lawyers to settle elections. The Floridification of our politics isn't something anyone should want.

Posted by Tim at 8:39 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, June 21, 2004 2:45 PM EDT

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